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ESAConnection.com - virtual website tour and Quick Start video index

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Welcome & how to use this indexed video

00:00 - 00:10

Why set up an account? “Free” vrs “Paid Subscriber” membership benefits

00:40 - 02:38

Navigating your account information & settings

02:39 - 03:19

Parent’s journey & tools

03:20 - 04:39

Teacher & Vendor business start-up tools “Build Your Business” journey

04:40 - 06:19

Teacher’s/Vendors “fast track” profile/website set up & editing

06:20 - 08:43

Subscriber’s Teacher/Vendor’s dashboard tools

08:44 - 08:58

Parent’s dashboard tool

08:59 - 09:07

Posting on the Job Posting Board, News & Events

09:06 - 09:21

Saving Provider Searches in your dashboard

09:22 - 09:37

“How To” videos are located where you need throughout the website

09:38 - 09:47

We listened to parents, teachers and vendors and gave them what they wanted… an easy way to connect with each other and to the educational resources they need.  Whether you are working with homeschool, ESA, public, charter or private school learners or learners with disabilities, you can use ESAConnection.com to confidently find the resources that are best for you.   

Parents can search for teachers & vendors and access the Community Forums, Blogs, News and Events for free!    

Vendors can choose to have the same free access as parents or they can invest in a subscription and: 

  • Reach parents who are looking for their services by completing their ESAConnection Profile/Website 
  • Link to their existing website and advertise to the ESAConnection community 
  • Set up and start their own educational business by following the 7 steps of the “Build Your Business” tool 
  • Grow their business and succeed by learning from peers and sharing best practices in the “Teacher’s Lounge/Vendor Private Forum”   

We are not associated with The Arizona Department of Education’s (ADE) Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program.  We are two former public-school teachers & current ESA Vendors (Tammy & Cindy), a retired businessman (Chris) and a technical wiz (JD) who came together in November 2022 to form Educational Services Alliance, LLC.   

Welcome to ESAConnection!  – Tammy, Cindy, Chris and JD