Demand for school options increases in states that offer them but the majority of parents are unaware of their options.

A July 30th article in the Wall Street Journal reports that demand is increasing for school options in states that are leading in this area such as Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia and Arkansas. Copy and paste this link into your browser to read the article:

A February 2023 national poll by Morning Consult on “THE PUBLIC, PARENTS, AND K-12 EDUCATION and published by Ed Choice, shows how a sample of 2,200 parents across demographic profiles feel about various educational topics such as K-12 education, schooling, pod, tutoring, extracurricular activities and school choice.

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In general 3/4ths of parents surveyed support school options but many are uniformed about what their state offers. Page 42 shows that in states that have ESA programs, 82% of parents polled responded that they “did not know” their state offers them and 9% more answered the question wrong by stating that their state did not offer ESAs. Sadly, only 9% answered this question correctly. So in states like Arizona, 91% of our parents do not know their kids can participate in the ESA program despite what pages 43 and 44 show:
*nationally 77% of parents support ESA programs including 78% of Public School Parents, 77% of Hispanic parents and 73% of Democrat parents
*across all demographics this support is increasing, including a 20% increase in Hispanic parental support.

It seems that our state officials and our state media outlets should be doing more to inform Arizona’s parents about their school options. Copy and paste this link to your browser to view the entire report:


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