What is the difference between a teacher and a tutor?

Picture of Written by: Kimberly Selchan

Written by: Kimberly Selchan

Difference between Teaching and Tutoring

Teaching and tutoring are both means of imparting Knowledge, and both aim for a desired change in the behavior of a learner; however, both have different approaches. Teaching involves an educator dispensing knowledge based on a defined pedagogy to students in a class, while tutoring focuses on one-on-one individual lessons,

To further understand the difference between teaching and tutoring, we can take a look at the roles of teachers and tutors as highlighted below:

Role of Teachers

  • Lead a class of students in the same grade or course (often 20:1 or more)
  • Deliver subjects aligned with the national and state curriculum
  • Create activities and homework
  • Work within school hours during the school calendar
  • Manage behavior in the classroom
  • Help class attain reasonable scores on standardized testing throughout the year
  • Document student progress and share test results and how the student is tracking toward benchmarks with parents

Role of Tutors

  • Conduct teaching in a one-to-one setting or smaller groups
  • Meet the student(s) after school hours and weekends
  • Expand upon or clarify lessons from the classroom.
  • Build a relationship with the student to create a safe learning space
  • Tailor sessions, teaching techniques, and materials to individual learners
  • Provide resources to fill in gaps in knowledge or learning techniques
  • Encourage independent thinking and learning
  • Communicate with the teacher and parent to advocate for the student
  • Provide mentorship, instill confidence, and provide encouragement to students.

While teachers play a vital role in educating many students and achieving learning benchmarks, tutors customize lessons and modes of teaching to suit learners whose foundations and learning styles may not be adequately met in a classroom setting. Furthermore, tutors personalize the lessons and provide resources to fill the gaps in formal education and encourage independent thinking and individualized learning,

At Tutor Doctor Chandler Gilbert every student is intentionally matched with the tutor whose skill, schedule, location – and personality-  are the best fit for the student’s success; tutors cannot simply choose a student from a list and show up.

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