Why Private Tutoring Works

Picture of Written by: Paige Neely

Written by: Paige Neely

Originally written by Shyanne Kollefrath-Dangler on Paige’s Tutoring

Whether your child is a public, private, or homeschooled student, a tutor could always lend a helping hand. Tutors can help children build skills even outside of the traditional academic rubric. Be sure to stay in tune with your child’s goals and dreams and help them build the stepping stones toward them – or ask a tutor to help set those foundations or help them along the way.

1. One on One

One on one learning may be more common with homeschools on the rise, but it’s still what helps keep tutoring a bonus. A one on one tutoring session is where children are able to identify the gaps in their learning, and if they’re distracted in a classroom, this is their chance to find their focus. A tutor won’t be spreading themselves thin by working with a classroom of 30 children, they will be able to keep their attention on their work with their student and offer detailed answers with their student.

2. Individuality

While one on one sessions allow tutors to focus on the learning progress for one child at a time, these sessions also allow for customized curricula that bends to each students’ needs and goals. No two tutoring sessions will be the same. Each student can lead their session starting with their interests, or how they’re working to meet their goals, as well as how the tutor can help and guide them from there.

3. Confidence

Tutoring sessions allow students to feel more open to ask better questions and are more prepared to receive the answers to those questions. Students can feel comfortable knowing the teaching style of their tutor year after year as opposed to the differences in each of their classes throughout the day. They don’t have to worry about any topics they “just didn’t get” at the end of the day when they can bring them up to their tutors such as complex math topics, or new areas in their ELA or science classes.

4. Flexibility

While school happens on a regular schedule, life does not, and tutors can understand this perfectly well. Whether your child is traveling for health reasons, family purposes, or extracurriculars, tutors can still help them keep up remotely. The flexibility tutoring offers with Zoom or Google Meets opportunities really allows students to keep on top of their academics, never having to leave any gaps floating in the past.

Investing in your child’s future can go a long way, especially when you can notice a change in your child after a few sessions. Tutors can help children learn the skills that may be overlooked in a classroom from learning how to take notes and study, to how to balance their time on their own. Tutoring sessions can even take place online, to allow your child to keep their busy schedule going, without having to skip out on their education.

If you, or someone you know, may be looking to give a tutor a try, call 480-399-8895 or email paigestutoringllc@gmail.com or fill out the form right on our websitehttps://www.paigestutoringllc.com/ and we’ll see how our tutors can help!

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