With KaiPod, Parents Decide What Their Children Learn

Picture of Written by: KaiPod Learning

Written by: KaiPod Learning

At KaiPod, we aspire to create a new type of educational model that puts families first, allows students to work at their own pace, and educates the whole child. We knew early on that it would be important to define exactly what that looked like and how we would measure success. 

The word “magical” is often used to describe the energy we feel after spending time in our pods. To define what sets our student experience apart, we landed on these five components. In short, KaiPod Magic means when all students:  

  • Have trusting relationships with their KaiPod Coaches
  • Feel known and safe
  • Experience authentic joy
  • Build connections within a caring community
  • Grow and progress at their appropriate pace

Measuring each component is probably best done through qualitative observation (our doors are open if you’re curious!) or conversations with families, students, and learning coaches. However, surveys and growth tools have also shown that we consistently stack up ahead of the traditional system.

As our thinking and learning progresses as educators, we are excited to deliver on our “KaiPod Magic” promise and push the microschool movement forward.

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